Peace of mind for less than you think

You have a lot to do as a small business owner, and worrying about one of your most valuable assets - your cash - shouldn’t keep you up at night.

Cash is still the most universally accepted form of payment, accounting for over 40% of the total transaction volume,* and requires the most work to manage of all forms of payment. It can also be one of your biggest liabilities.

Internal theft and paperwork errors account for more than 50% of the shrinkage in cash-intensive business, and both are on the rise. The Retail Council of Canada estimates shrinkage costs Canadian businesses $4B annually, or $10.8M per shopping day.**

You can spend countless hours a week managing your cash. Outdated cash management processes can cost your bottom line with lost labour time, errors, reconciliation hassles and being away from your business to do your banking.

Let Brink’s help. Free your time, and protect yourself, your employees and your business. Whether it’s Brink’s Armoured Transportation, Brink’s ChangeFund Service or Brink’s CompuSafe® Service, our solutions are flexible to fit any sized business – and are more affordable than you think. Looking for peace of mind for your small business? Think Brink’s.

Contact us to get tailored and affordable cash solutions for your small business from the name you know and trust.

*Bank Of Canada: The Changing Landscape For Retail Payments In Canada And The Implications For The Demand For Cash, Autumn 2012.
** PWC: Canadian Retail Security Survey, October 2012.
McDonald’s is a registered trademark of McDonald’s Corporation.