Brink's Cash Logistics with Account Direct

Brink’s Cash Logistics provides a complete cash management solution to help your business reduce the time you spend on cash management, and with Brink’s Account Direct, your business benefits from a complete end-to-end solution.

With Cash Logistics, your cash is picked up, counted, sorted, vaulted and reported entirely through Brink’s. With Brink’s Account Direct, your cash is directly deposited into your bank account saving you money by taking advantage of Brink’s negotiated volume discount. By allowing Brink’s to manage your cash, Brink’s is able to pass these savings on to you, while reducing your risk of exposure and providing you with optimal security.

With Account Direct, Brink's offers a complete Cash Logistics Solution from pick-up through to deposit settlement.


Brink's Cash Logistics with Account Direct service includes:

Save Money with Lower Deposit Fees

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