Brink's CompuSafe® with Daily Credit

Get daily credit, without daily pickup.

Brink’s CompuSafe has been helping businesses successfully automate cash handling for over 20 years. Now, Brink’s closes the cash management loop by combining our CompuSafe service and our secure armoured transportation with Daily Credit. This comprehensive, end-to-end cash management system automates cash-handling from the moment a customer pays, until your cash is deposited at the bank.

Improve Your Cash Flow

Daily Credit accelerates credit and improves cash flow by giving you daily access to your funds - even before the cash is picked up. Each business day, cash deposit information is submitted to Brink's electronically and the total amounts are credited to your business bank account, long before the actual cash reaches the bank. With Daily Credit, you get access to your funds up to three days sooner than with traditional processing.

How it Works:

The Daily Credit Advantage

Learn more about CIBC eDeposit® for cash, and ICICI Bank Canada.

The Brink’s Guarantee

Brink’s provides a comprehensive audit trail to help decrease and identify deposit errors. From the moment funds are deposited into the safe, Brink’s guarantees your money in the safe against loss arising from external theft, robbery or fire.

Get faster access to your funds with Daily Credit

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