Dye Box Solution

Secure Shipping of Valuables to Remote Locations

The Brink's Dye Box Solution offers organizations a more secure way to send their cash and other valuables to remote locations.

Delivering cash or valuables to and from remote locations can be challenging.  Shipping companies do not typically insure cash as contents, so there is inherent risk in getting cash to and from these areas.  Brink's knows these risks, and now with the Brink's Dye Box Solution, you can safely and securely move cash and valuables to remote areas.

The Brink's Dye Box secures cash, cheques, coupons or other valuable products in a rugged, waterproof carrying unit.

By using the Brink's Dye Box Solution, you receive enhanced security features that include:

Any tampering to the unit, including damage to the box or exposure to extreme heat or extreme cold, triggers the dye pack to spray non-toxic dye that stains both the bank notes and the criminal. The dye permanently stains the bank notes, rendering them useless so they may be taken out of circulation and returned to the Bank of Canada.

Product Features

Benefits to You:


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